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If you are seeking information about either teaching mathematics or training teachers using any of the technologies listed below, then please contact me by filling in the form. At the foot of this page is a collection of feedback from a variety of teachers from around the world.

- TI83/83+/84+ graphic calculators
- TI-Nspire Numeric Handhelds
- TI-Nspire CAS Handhelds
- TI-Nspire Navigator Wireless Network
- TI-Nspire App for iPad
- TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad
- and authoring teaching materials using the TI-Nspire Teacher Software on PC or Mac

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Nevil Hopley
Calculator Software

Here is a sample of feedback that Nevil has received about his presentations, training and TI-Nspire resources:

Training & Presentations   TI-Nspire Resources

"Your workshop yesterday did a great job addressing many of our needs and questions. Your enthusiasm and knowledge was very effective in increasing my colleagues' ideas about teaching with the Nspire"
Head of Maths, Aberdeenshire, UK. (Aug 2013)

"Firstly thank you for all the support at the training days last week. I am looking forward to inspiring the pupils and working with them using the TI-Nspire."
Maths Teacher, Aberdeenshire, UK. (May 2010)

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I recently purchased a TI 84 plus. I really wanted to explore what the calculator can really do but was stumped when I went to the website for Texas Instruments because there really was no help section. I spent four days searching the internet for help on how to use this calculator. I really wanted to participate in the activities, but had no idea how to work with the TI Connect Software. Thanks to your information I am now able to DO ACTIVITIES!!! .... I am so grateful for your help."
Maths Teacher, Georgia, USA. (Nov 2012)

"I just wanted to thank you for a really enjoyable presentation in Cork. I was very impressed and would love to get some of the TI-Nspire for my students."
Maths Teacher, Ireland. (Oct 2012)

"I had a very good day and was very impressed by the power of the TI and the way that you gave us hints and tips on the ways to use the handheld computer to excite and engage pupils."
T3 Training Delegate, Falkirk, UK. (Nov 2011)

"Thanks so much for your time and patience on Saturday. It was one of those days where my enthusiasm for teaching gets a little boost. I feel I got a glimpse of where Maths teaching is going and I am now desperate to make sure my pupils don't miss out."
T3 Training Delegate, Falkirk, UK. (Nov 2011)

"Linda and I would just like to thank you and your team for an excellent workshop. We have both come back to school full of enthusiasm and looking forward to getting our own machines!!!"
T3 Training Delegate, Falkirk, UK. (Nov 2011)

"Many thanks for your's and the rest of the team's efforts on Saturday and in particular thanks for your intro to functions and programs."
T3 Training Delegate, Falkirk, UK. (Nov 2011)

"Thanks for a terrific day on Saturday."
T3 Training Delegate, Falkirk, UK. (Nov 2011)

"Thanks again for your enthusiasm and leadership during the T3 Conference weekend in Roehampton. It was great to have you there and from the evaluations I've read so far you received excellent feedback also in the section 'people I want to see more of' "
T3 Conference Organiser, UK. (July 2011)

"Thank you very much for the excellent training today ... I have thoroughly enjoyed your class. I learned a lot and took lots of inspiration with me for my lesson planning."
Maths Teacher, Fife, UK. (Mar 2011)

"Many thanks for your enthusiastic presentation, much enjoyed by the class. They also commented on the useful teaching tips and appreciated the teaching approaches. Think this has given them a lot of ideas to practise and follow up in their next placement."
PGDE Course Tutor, Edinburgh University, UK. (Mar 2011)

"Enjoyed the Nspire training - already considering incorporating some of yesterday's material into lessons. It seems a useful and different teaching tool and I look forward to finding out more about its capability - and my capability to use it! Well done!"
Maths Teacher, Edinburgh, UK. (Oct 2009)


"Your approach is brilliant. I'm using your idea and the wonderful first page with a group of US high school teachers today."
Maths Teacher, USA. (Oct 2012)

"Well done Nevil. Makes an often complex concept very straight forward, especially for the concrete thinkers. Will also save a lot of graph paper."
Maths Teacher, USA. (Feb 2013)

"Wonderful File! I just worked through it! I wish I had had this last week, I just tested on this and it would have been great to teach with this! BTW I am using your idea about the Law of Sines from the international conference this morning, thanks for the great idea!"
Maths Teacher, Illinois, USA. (Mar 2011)

"Regarding CAS, go back and look at anything Nevil Hopley shared. He is a true guru and very helpful."
Maths Teacher, Tennessee, USA. (Sep 2011)

"You are a legend.What a fantastic file. It will prove very useful when I teach bearings (at different levels) to years 8 to 12."
Maths Teacher, Queensland, Australia. (May 2013)

"First impressions - AWESOME!! As usual, you have nailed something that I have wanted to do for ages."
Maths Teacher, Australia. (Jul 2013)

"I've done similar discussions in class but I'm impressed with the dynamic nature of your presentation (especially the link between the relations). I simply wouldn't have thought to do it that way. I really think that, by connecting the relations dynamically, not only is there a lot more room for discussion in class, but the students also have a much better opportunity to gain deep understanding. Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed it and plan to "steal" it for my classroom."
Maths Teacher, USA. (Oct 2012)