Local Info

Ever wondered where the names Polwarth, Merchiston, Gillsland, Ettrick and Spylaw come from? Then why not have a read of the Street Name History.

Ever wondered who your local MPs, MSPs and Councillors are? Just type in your postcode here and get in touch with them!

Your local Community Beat Officer is PC Alan Hopper, but if you live on Polwarth Grove it's PC Julie Cochrane. Click on their names to send them an email!

Garden Shed and Personal Attack Alarms

Would you like a Police supplied Garden Shed Alarm for only £10? (normal RRP is £12 + P&P) Click here to order one.

Would you like a Police supplied Personal Attack Alarm for only £4? (normal RRP is £6 + P&P). There are two types on offer: the Sureguard SG300 and the Charm Alarm. Click here to order one.

Graffiti Removal

Do you have graffiti on property nearby you? The legislation for ASBO allows prosecution of Utility companies if they fail to remove graffiti vandalism on their property. This includes the Council parking meters, lamposts, post boxes, green box telephone exchanges etc. Please report this to your council.

The City of Edinburgh Council operates a specialist graffiti treatment unit which aims to remove all racist or offensive graffiti as quickly as possible. If the graffiti is on private property then it is the responsibility of the owner to treat it. Under the new Anti-Social Behaviour act the Council has the power to force some types of private property owners, like utility companies, to treat graffiti.
In addition, the Council supports volunteers who wish to tackle low level graffiti in their neighbourhood.
Call the Keep Edinburgh Clean Programme Co-ordinator on 0131 529 2703 for more information on how volunteers can get involved in tackling graffiti.

To report graffiti or for more information on how to treat it, you should contact:
Services for Communities on sfc@edinburgh.gov.uk
[Tel: 0131 529 3030, Fax: 0131 529 3014. Their address is Chesser House, 500 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3YJ]

Fly Tipping

In response to recent (May 2011) fly tipping around Spylaw and Ettrick Road, residents should know of the following information from the Mr Brian Mills, City of Edinburgh Council's Senior Environmental Warden.

"The Environmental Wardens are aware of the problem of fly tipping in this area and endeavour to patrol the area as often as duties allow to keep the task force informed of the dumped items so that they can be removed as soon as possible. Unfortunately the type of items dumped do not have any indication of their origins and enquiries to the surrounding flats usually result in no one knowing who has dumped the items.

Environmental Wardens will continue to patrol the area as often as duties allow and will keep task force informed of any dumped items. If any of the residents have any information regarding who is fly tipping we would be more than happy to investigate."

The Environmental Warden for this area is Don Clark and he can be contacted on 0131 529 5204.


Here are all the local emergency contact numbers that you might ever want.
Click here for a pdf version of this information, to easily print out and display!

662 5000
St Leonard’s Police Station
662 5022
PC Alan Hopper
221 2008
PC John Goodall (for Polwarth Grove)
0800 555 111
0800 169 0320
FREE Fire & Safety Check from Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade.
654 5512
FREE Home Security Check from Lothian and Borders Police