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Calculator Software
A website that retails educational software for Texas Instruments Graphic Calculators to help with the teaching and learning of Maths.

Handheld Geometry
Teach mathematics using interactive geometry on a TI83+, TI84+ or TI-Nspire

The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
A site dedicated to the listing of mathematical mistakes made over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists, and in general many non-math people.

Math Mistakes
"Real Mistakes from Real Students' Work". Find the mistakes in the Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus examples on this website and read plain language explanations so you can avoid making these same mistakes.

Ever Done This?
Video footage of a student who keeps getting her maths wrong....

Classic Mistakes in Real Life
Read about some really quite alarming mistakes that have taken place in the real world!

Movie Mistakes
View pictures and video footage of production and continuity mistakes that have been spotted in Films and TV Programs. There are even more to be found at You Tube as well.

Book Mistakes
A detailed look at all the factual and plot inaccuracies in books and novels, including (unsurprisingly?) The Da Vinci Code.

Mr Barton Maths
Not satisfied with all the free stuff on this website? Mr Barton has found a load more on his Essential Freebies page! He's also collated loads more links together for online resources, all held together with a nice blend of humour - he's even shortlisted some more Podcast sites for you to listen out for (including this one, of course!)

Great Little Awards
Great Little Rewards aims to support teachers and parents in motivating, exciting and rewarding kids; encouraging good behaviour and high standards.

Powerful bid sniper for eBay auctions. - Powerful bid sniper for eBay auctions.

Maths Podcasts

Mr Crother’s Podcasts
Check out the intro jingle on the podcast entitled "pi to 100 decimal places"!
Truly amazing to listen to, and great to share with your classes!

The Math Factor
Short, snappy excepts from an American Sunday morning radio show.
Each one features a puzzle and the solution to the previous week’s puzzle.

Dans Math Cast
One of the longest running Maths Podcasts that has stood the test of time.

The Plus Podcast
PLUS, the award-winning free online magazine, opens a door onto the world of mathematics with its bimonthly 15 minute podcasts bringing you the latest news from the world of maths, plus interviews and discussions with leading mathematicians and science researchers about the maths that is changing our lives.

More or Less
BBC Radio 4's More or Less takes you on a journey through the often abused but ever ubiquitous world of numbers. Fascinating and informative.

Math Mutation
Math Mutation is a short podcast for people of all ages, where we explore fun, interesting, or just plain wierd corners of mathematics that you probably didn't hear in school.

Science & Technology Podcasts

New Scientist
The podcast of the well established, famous weekly magazine publication.

The World In Technology
A BBC funded collation of news about technology on the world stage and how it affects us all.

Dr Pod
Light hearted mix of medical news, reviews, gadgets and humour.
Visit their website for their latest feed address.

The Crave Podcast
Listen to the latest news in the world of technology, sprinkled with generous amounts of humour.

Other Podcasts (mainly Comedy stuff)...

Scotland's Funny Bits
The funny bits from the last week on BBC Radio Scotland. Julia Sutherland brings you the moments that made Scotland laugh.

Friday Night Comedy
Bringing you both The Now Show and The News Quiz from BBC Radio 4. Enjoy a satirical take on the week's news with the cream of UK comedy talent.


The Classic Mistake Podcasts are listed in the following directories and forums...